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Welcome to my site. The link for all metal detector users.

 One of the greatest and most rewarding outdoor hobbies about.
If you are a male or female, young or older person looking for a healthy outdoor hobby/pastime, treasure hunting
with a metal detector could be the ideal introduction to a new and rewarding activity.








My name is Tony Perez and I am a dedicated
 history treasure hunter with a metal detector.
I live in the UK where the hobby of metal detecting is a serious and well organised pastime for a growing number of people from all walks of life, age and sex.
­We take pride in our historical past and working together with the local Portable Antique Scheme department, we are learning a much better and wider understanding of our ancestry through the discoveries made with our metal detectors.
­And where else can one find a nicer location to pursuit
 this wonderful hobby than on the beautiful Isle of Wight,  my place of residence,  lying just a few miles south of the historical naval city of Portsmouth in the County of Hampshire.





Freshwater Bay

Beautiful Godshill